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  1. 4 months of guidance while you are practicing to build your craft. Studies show that practicing frequently will help develop your skill/ technique while building confidence and increase comfort level to provide a better service.

  2. While you are diligently practicing, you will receive step by step guidance to perfect your Microblading procedure from start to finish. 

  3. Weekly critiquing of your work to ensure that you are on the right track. Text support allows you to send pictures of your eyebrow sketching and Microblading on fake skin for real time feedback from you instructor

  4. Students also have the ability to communicate with their instructor via telephone. This level of support will help you build your business!

  5. Approval is required at the end of month 3 to work on 3 live models.

  6. Month 4 is strictly dedicated to helping you with your 3 models (family/ friends) under Babe with a Blade guidance and  supervision at “Babe with a Blade“ location.

  7. Scheduling your onsite Step by Step Support will be negotiated on an as needed basis (Your Availability, Your Model’s Availability and Babe with a Blade Availability).

  8. Mentorship study and Microblading training also includes creative techniques and marketing strategy to help you grow your business and build a successful PMU career!



One Time Payment: $1850 (Save $150.00)
$200.00 deposit
Balance of $1650.00 via cash app

Monthly Installment Plan: $2000.00
$200.00 deposit
4 Payments of $450.00 (cash app)
All payments must be made by the 1st of each month

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