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Nico DaCosta-Finocchio


Nico is a talented Medical/ Body Art Practitioner who is fully licensed, certified and insured. She has always had a love for the cosmetic beauty industry with an extensive background in the arts. Nico's highly developed, keen, artistic eye and strive for perfection helps her to achieve amazing transformations in the Medical and Cosmetic Beauty Industry for both men and women. She says "the best thing about my line of business is restoring my clients self confidence!"


To stay on top of her game she is always in pursuit of education to master her craft as one of the top PMU (Permanent Makeup)  and SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) Artists. Holding more than 5 Certifications, she believes that a strong educational background, lots of practice and experience are the keys to a successful career.

With a B.A. in Psychology and 14 years of devout service working for Fortune 500 Brokerage Firms such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, RBS etc... in the field of Information Security, Risk and Access Management, Nico's prolific leadership skills parlay seamlessly into all things relating to people. 


Born to lead; lives to learn; Nico places personal mentoring at the forefront, helping her students acquire master class skills and techniques, to drive their careers to the next level. Whether you are a student or client, prepare yourself to be fully immersed in the BWAB Experience! 

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